Alternative Death Care

For weeks the group couldn’t agree on the name for the club.  Some thought it should be “Eternal Love.”  That name invoked positive feelings and explained to an extent the group’s purpose.  Others wanted the emphasis on the technical capabilities that the group was promoting.  They gravitated towards the name “Craft Embalmers.”  Several other names were suggested that had lower appeal. The members battled back and forth until in compromise and desperation they decided upon the name “Alternative Death Care.”  Everyone agreed that the name fully captured the purpose and intent of the organization.  Certified members became known as “Deathers.” 

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It’s a cold Saturday Morning in February.  Shelly Grey is sitting with two members of her new club (Tom and Jenny Stuart) in her kitchen.  They are enjoying coffee and freshly baked pastries.  The Stuart’s are advising Shelly on how to host the home funeral of her recently deceased infant son.   The three of them just spent the last hour discussing the logistics of the process: receiving his body, washing his body, dressing him, preparing him for the viewing and the basic laws covering this alternative process.  This afternoon these two Deathers will guide Shelly through the process.
Alternative Death Care is not just an organization of volunteers who help its members with the home funerary process, They also advocate, in court, for the right of their families to live with their deceased loved one’s in their homes (as they lived with them when they were alive). 

There are other groups like theirs, which advocate for a home funeral process.  However, they are not seeking to preserve the bodies of their loved ones.  They are only trying to be more involved in the process of personal care for their deceased loved ones.  They (like Alternative Death Care) don’t want their deceased loved ones to be given over to strangers for what has historically been the duties of the family.  They see their connection with their loved ones as a contract to be there in a loving way from birth through life to death.  Also, the high cost of the commercial funeral process encourages a do it yourself approach.  They simply want to be part of the process then dispose of their loved ones with dignity.  Alternative Death Care wants to keep their loved ones at home.

In rural areas of the U.S., in many countries throughout the world, and for all of human history, the family handled the care of deceased family members from death to burial.   In the twentieth century, in urban areas, we surrendered all aspects of death to commercial processes.  It is normal for the sick and the old to die in hospitals and nursing homes.  The process of death has become a mystery to us.  We pay others to take care of it.  We are told: what is dignified and what is acceptable.  We are told what we should do, how we should act and finally how we should display what we feel.  So, we turned what had been a loving close to our relationship with a family member into a nuisance to be handled by strangers for a large amount of money.

Shelly’s son James was just three months old when he died.  She doesn’t understand why he died.  He was sleeping peacefully in his crib and hours later he had simply stopped breathing.  He couldn’t be revived.  He was her miracle child.  She was forty-five when he was born.  She and her husband had tried for more than two years to have a child.  Finally, a year ago she became pregnant.  Now, just three months after delivering James, she can’t let him go. 

Alternative Death Care is going to help Shelly preserve his body.  He will never get older and he will never decay.  She can keep him with her and see him and speak to him when she wants.  Her husband Carl thinks this is wrong. He wants to bury their son.  She said that she won’t allow that.  She can’t let him do it.

It’s not so strange to live with the dead.  Think of all the famous unburied preserved corpses like Vladimir Lenin in Russia and Eva PerĂ³n in Argentina.  With expert preservation, they have remained lifelike in appearance.  If a body is embalmed with a superior method it will appear to be alive.  The club has many members who maintain their deceased loved ones at home.  They care for their loved ones as if they are still living.  They clean them, dress them, groom them, and talk to them.  The deceased loved ones still participate in the family’s activities (especially holidays).

The club has members skilled in many advanced technological and medical processes.  The newest preservation process involves bionic implants.  The Technological Service Section of the club (TSS) is experimenting with implanting bionic servos into muscle tissue.  The results are stunning.  The servos activate the muscle tissue and stimulate the movement of the body parts.  They also control tissue decay since synthetic oxygenated blood circulates throughout the body (because of the servos).  Although the effect is artificial, the body is capable of controlled animated movement and it does not decay (it is self-healing).  The mind is gone but the body is ok.  This is the process Shelly wants James to have. 

Tom and Jenny are finalizing the details.  They and Shelly will prepare James body this afternoon at home in the garage and display him at the wake tonight in the Livingroom.  Just the immediate family will be there tonight.  The funeral is on Sunday.  All family and friends can attend.  On Monday, Shelly will observe the technical section implant the servos into James’ body and transform him. 
Carl doesn’t want this final stage to happen.  He wants to bury their son and live with the memories.   Shelly says, “I don’t understand why we should limit ourselves to memories when we can have our child at home.  This is not a denial of death.  It is a transformation of death to a useful level.”

For the past ten months, James has lived at home with Shelly.  The servos are preserving his body as planned.  Every day, Shelly grooms him and dresses him.  Frequently, she places him in his baby carrier and goes shopping, or to work, or to church, or to visit friends.  When strangers see James they think he is sleeping.  They always remark what a good baby he is to be so quite.  Shelly’s associates at work and church have asked her to stop bringing James with her.  She still brings him.  She just keeps him in a large purse out of view.  He is always near her.

Today, James and Shelly are enjoying Christmas Day dinner with twelve members of the club.  They have gathered at Tom and Jenny’s house with their animated loved ones and some loved ones that didn’t undergo the servo process.  The club members have become Shelly’s extended family.  She says, “We share a common view of the world.”  She has drifted away from most of her old friends (the ones that she had prior to joining the club).  “They seem repulsed by my decisions regarding James,” she says.  Over the past ten months, Carl has become increasingly distressed.  He is worried about Shelly’s sanity and his own.  Shelly said, “Carl is a good man and I miss him but I have chosen to care for our son.  He will be OK.  James needs me more.”

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An Artist Who Dreams

The next morning while meeting with my attorney, I told her that I had found the murderer.  She didn’t believe me but she did think it couldn’t hurt for the police to have another suspect.

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I moved to New York City to become a famous artist when I was nineteen.  Specifically, New York was where I had chosen to make my living as a Painter.  When I was a small child, I made pencil sketches that earned praise from my family and friends.  My parent’s encouragement at that early age convinced me that I had an extraordinary talent.  So, with their financial and emotional help and a great deal of learning, I advanced into the local world of art.  As a teenager, I became a highly skilled artist with a growing reputation in my hometown of Seattle, Washington.  I viewed my move to New York, falsely, as advancing from the minor to the major leagues of the art world.  It was my opportunity to associate with the greatest living artist on this planet and improve my talents.  

Thought I was a known artist with a good reputation, I didn’t have the red carpet rolled out for me in New York.  With the help of my network of associates, I was determined to support myself by painting portraits of the city’s elite residents.  The wealthy pay incredible sums of money for a celebrity artist to paint them.   If I could successfully build up clients in this niche, I would be able to pay the bills as I worked on expressing art that challenged my talents and creativity.  Unfortunately, to that desired niche of citizens, I was not enough of a celebrity.  

My clients were the niche pretending to be wealthy.  These were the people who would actually prefer to have a photo made but the pretention of their social status required a portrait painted by a known artist.  They are good people but very price conscious and highly demanding.  They want everything but they wanted to pay for it with a discount coupon from Groupon.  They didn’t want an interpretation of their image based upon the artist’s vision.  They wanted a Sears’s photograph.  That was not what I wanted.  So, naturally, the customer hire the artist who would give them what they want.  I fell from an unreliable income for painting portraits to haphazard income from making sketches of any person who would hire me in the farmer’s market pavilion.  

Greg Kinkaid was my life saver.  He is a successful celebrity artist who allowed me to live in his art studio in exchange for helping keep the place clean.  He kept me feed and in art supplies.  He let me exhibit my work in his studio in the hopes that some of his wealthy clients would purchase it or commission me for some additional artwork.  I was grateful for Greg’s help.  Still, I was deeply depressed.  I felt lost.  The stress of my failure took a toll.  I would sleep whenever I could to just to help the time pass but in my dreams, I was still unhappy.   

I was sleeping a few days ago when I awoke out of a vivid dream.  In my dream, I was in a crowd of drunken merrymakers on New Year’s evening in Times Square.  We were watching the ball drop and counting down to the New Year.  I had a god’s eye view of the activity and the same time I was in the crowd just like everyone else.  Through my god’s eye view of the activity, I watch a young teenage woman murdered.  

She was selling marijuana in the crowd.  Then she moves to the edge of the crowd and was watching the activity from the entry way of a courtyard of one of the buildings.  She was waiting for more customers and enjoying herself.  As she was focused on the descending ball and counting down.  I observed man come up behind her.  She was unaware of his approach.  He lifted her off her feet and carried her deep into a more deserted location within the courtyard.  She screamed for help but her cries were absorbed within the crowd noise.  Once the man was in his chosen spot.  He choked her and crushed her windpipe. He robbed her of her marijuana and her cash.  He dropped her body like discarded piece of trash.

Though it is morbid, I was inspired to sketch the murder as I had envisioned it in my dream.  The angle I chose was to contrast the public celebration against the edge of the crowd murder of a teenage girl from my god’s eye view.  In my dream, I had seen the faces of both the victim and the murderer.  In my sketch, I left both the victim and the murder as faceless people.  I wanted an observer to project their own face onto the subjects.  However, I was exacting in all other detail. From the sketch, I make a painting that looks like a Sears photograph.  It was an excellent theme.  The painting hung in Greg’s studio for less than an hour before the owner of an art gallery purchased it for a thousand dollars.  She prominently displayed the painting in her gallery.  

Two days ago, I was visited by police detectives.  They made an inquiry about the subject in the painting in relationship to an ongoing murder investigation.  To my surprise, the location of their murder inquiry was the same as in my sketch and painting.  The details of the murder location and my painting were exactly the same.  It was as though my painting was a photo of the murder scene.   
At the location of the murder, the police and the prosecutor questioned me.  I told them everything I had seen in my dream.  In my complete foolishness, I didn’t realize that they thought that I had committed the murder.  They believe that my painting was a confession and I had just incriminated myself.  Based upon my help, I was charged with the murder. 

The judge was convinced that I was a flight risk.  So, I was held without bond.   Thanks to Greg, I had a private attorney instead of a distracted public defender.  The woman who had been murdered was the daughter of a well-connected family.  The state wanted this case solved and resolved quickly.  I was the only suspect in the murder.  I was in very serious trouble.  My attorney advised me to cut a deal.  She wanted my answer in the morning.  

That night I had another vivid dream.  I was still in jail but I was out of my cell walking the corridors.  As I wandered the corridors, I looked into the cells that I passed and observed the inmates in their activity.  In section K west, I spotted the murder of the teenage girl in one of the cell.  I recognized him immediately.  I awoke from the dream and make a new sketch of the murder scene.  This time I include the faces of the murder and the victim.

The next morning while meeting with my attorney, I told her that I had found the murderer.  She didn’t believe me but she did think it couldn’t hurt for the police to have another suspect.  She took the sketch and spoke with the prosecutor.  The detectives on the case had wondered why there was no surveillance video of me in the sounding area on the night of the murder.  They recognized the murder in the sketch. He was a well know stick up man.  They had lots of video surveillance of him in the area on that night.  However, there were no video cameras in the area where the murder had occurred.  

The detectives arranged to question the new suspect.  They laid a copy of the sketch on the table between themselves and him.   They set silent and stared at him, smiled and bluffed.  One of them said, “That’s murder one.”  The new suspect looked at the sketch and said to the detectives, “So, you know!”  The detectives replied, “Yes, we have a witness.  This is your chance to avoid murder one.”  The murder then confessed to the crime.  He cut a deal with the prosecutor for a charge of manslaughter. 

After the charges against me were dropped, I was released from jail.   Still, something that the detectives remarked upset me.  When I made my sketch of the murder scene, it was a day before New Year’s Eve.  The murder victim was still alive.  It seems I had dreamed of a future event.  She could have been saved. 

 The years have passed.  I continue to have vivid dreams of murder scenes.  I am compelled to make paintings of my dreams.  Those paintings have made me a multi-millionaire.  Yet, I know that with each dream the victim is still alive and can be saved.  I have confirmed later that all my painting depict actual murders that happen in the city.  I feel I’m supposed to help but do I dare risk it? 

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The Black Eyed Jordon

Jordon and his cat Nicole live in a studio apartment in a historic building (in the pioneer square section of downtown Seattle).   At one point in its history, the basement of the building served as a temporary morgue for victims of the Seattle Fire of 1889.  Over the years, starting with that event and others, the apartment building gained a reputation for being haunted. 

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Until a few days ago, nothing unusual ever happen in Jordon’s apartment.  Then one evening he came home from work to discover the water in the bathroom and kitchen sinks were turned on.  He thought that it was possible that he had accidently turned the water on in one of the sinks (and forgotten about it) but not both sinks.  The next day, he again discovered that the water was turned on in both sinks.  Perhaps, he thought, there is a problem with the water pressure in this apartment.  However, after an inspection, of the apartments plumbing by the building maintenance team, he was assured that the water pressure wasn’t the cause.   On the third day, he again discovered that the water in both sinks was turned on when he returned home from work.   That weekend, he installed video surveillance cameras in his apartment.   He was able to check on the activity in his apartment from work over the internet. 

Today, on YouTube, I discovered some of that surveillance video posted by, my friend, Jordon (shortly before he died).  I hadn’t seen it until now.  I have been consumed by emotion over his death last week.  We had dated on and off for years.  We had an unspoken understanding that we would eventually be together.  It’s so strange to find this video now by accident.  According to his sister Jill, I’m experiencing some of the same issues he experienced before he passed.  She and I are viewing the video together looking for answers. 

The video is edited.  It’s a narration about a doppelganger (a ghost that could be Jordon’s twin except for his large black pupil-less eyes).  In the start of the video, Nicole is alone in the apartment.  She hops onto the kitchen counter and moves toward the sink.  Then using one of her paws, she moved the single handle of the water faucet until water begins to flow.   Next, we see Nicole drinking from the flowing water.   Later the video shows Nicole repeating the process at the bathroom sink.  Nicole had learned the importance of turning on the water (to get a drink) but she had not learned the importance of turning the water off (when she was done).  That resolved the mystery of who opened the water taps in his apartment and mine.

The video was a third through its run.  We next observed Jordon, suddenly appear in the main room of the apartment (from nowhere).  His eyes are large and completely black like a demons.  We can hear the water still running in the sinks, as Nicole, strikes an aggressive defensive posture and backs into a corner of the living room.  With her back against the wall, she hisses at Jordon as though she does not know him.  She is afraid!    We see Jordon opening and pulling things out of his kitchen cabinets and fridge.  He is throwing the items violently onto the floor of the apartment and making a big mess. 

Some minutes later, Jordon (wearing different clothing with no black eyes) enters the apartment from the outside hallway.  The black eyed Jordon turns his head and moves towards the door.  He appeared to want to speak to the Jordon who was coming through the door but he disappeared as the other Jordon enters the room.  We see the Jordon who just entered the room looking at all the damage and shaking his head.   We see Nicole come to the door to greet him.  He had been shopping for clothing.  Next, we see him looking at his phone.   He appears to be reviewing the video.  His hand covers his mouth.  He is shocked by what he sees. 

Later, we see Jordon and Nicole sleeping.  We see the black eyed Jordon standing next to the bed (silently watching the pair).  Black eyed Jordon appears transparent.   He extends his arm and touches the sleeping Jordon on the back of his neck and disappears.   Jordon is now having a seizure.    After he recovers, the spot on the back of his neck that the black eyed Jordon touched him is swollen and appears to be causing him pain.   He checks himself in the bathroom mirror.   He lets out a scream of distressed.  Turning to one of the surveillance cameras, he reveals squiggling worms embedded in large holes in his skin on the back of his neck.  Jordon squeezed the swollen spot, in front of the camera, and several squiggling worms fell from the holes.  The video ends at that point. 

I was told by his sister that, though the video was edited, it was not fiction.   Everything happen.   The day after that incident, she helped her brother edit and load the video to YouTube.  He refused to go to a doctor.  He didn’t have health insurance.   She claims that the worms appeared to be migrating under his skin towards his head.  By the end of the day he had become violent towards her.  She had to leave his apartment to avoid a fight.  Within twenty four hours, Jordon had killed eight of his coworkers.  The clothing he was wearing on the day he murdered his friends, was the same clothing that black eyed Jordon wore in the video.  The medical examiner found two unusual issues during Jordon’s autopsy.   First, he had large black eyes with no pupils.  Second, a colony of unidentified worms were discovered nesting inside his brain.  The examiner speculated that the nesting worms could explain his murderous behavior.

Since I live in the same building, I adapted Nicole after Jordon’s death.   Almost immediately I begin to experience water turning on by itself in my sinks when I was out of the apartment.  Now, I know that Nicole is the cause.   Today, I found my stuff pulled out of my cabinets and thrown onto my apartment floor like Jordon.  I am putting in a video surveillance system this weekend to monitor my apartment.  I’m not sure what the hell I will do if it’s a demon.

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12 Psychic Predictions for the Trump Administration in 2017

The World’s First Trillionaire
Trump is successfully using the agency of the Presidential Office to enrich himself.  He is on track to become the world’s first Trillionaire.   

The Ceremonial Head of State
Trump has delegated daily operation of the administration to his chief strategist and senior counselor Stephen Bannon.  Stephen Bannon is operating from the White House as Trump’s Prime Minister.  He has consolidated his power over the administration to become the acknowledged real power behind the throne.   Bannon is on course in his mission to make America White Again. 

The Pay to Play Administration
In the Trump Administration, the enforcement or non-enforcement of laws and regulations is based upon what’s best for the Trump’s business empire.  Everything has a price.  To achieve favorable treatment, present Trump with a gift.  Once the gift has been accepted or renegotiated to an acceptable gift, you can be assured of the enthusiastic cooperation of the Trump Administration.

Prove we support the Trump Administration
Diplomats, federal government suppliers and federal government workers, offer proof of their support of the Trump Administration by selecting Trump branded products.

Halt to all Non-White Christian Heterosexual Immigration to the U. S.
The Trump Administration and the Republican Congress (as ordered by Bannon) are engaged in the process of pushing a constitutional amendment to halt permanently all non-White Christian heterosexual immigration into the United States.

New laws define U.S. citizenship
The Trump Administration and the Republican Congress (as ordered by Bannon) are engaged in the process of pushing a constitutional amendment to deny US citizenship to children born in the United States if both parents are not U.S. citizens and White.

National Identification Card Required of Non-White Citizens
The Trump Administration and the Republican Congress (as ordered by Bannon) are engaged in the process of requiring all non-White Us Citizens and U.S. residents to possess a national identification card to verify their citizenship.  

Two Classes of U.S. Citizenship
The Trump Administration and the Republican Congress is engaged in the process of creating a constitutional amendment to create two classes of U.S. citizenship.    The First Class Citizens have full voting rights, preference in employment, preference in receiving government services and their children are born as U.S. Citizens.   First class is reserved for the founding White Christian heterosexual Citizens.   Second class citizenship is reserved for all other U. S. Citizens.  There is no voting rights associated this this group.  Their children must be naturalized to become US citizens.

Constitution Amendment on Marriage.
The Trump Administration and the Republican Congress are engaged in the process of creating a constitutional amendment to limit marriage to a heterosexual men and women.

Only English Can be spoken in the Public Space Laws.
The Trump Administration and the Republican Congress is engaged in the process of creating a constitutional amendment to require English only be used in government communications and in public spaces.

Police exempted from violations of U.S. Law
Public policies supports the use of deadly force by law enforcement officials in any incident they deem that such force is needed.   White Christian heterosexual citizens are exempted from this law.   Law enforcement officials must have justification when engaging those citizens.

Presidential Reality TV Show on the Trump Network

Trump is the owner, producer and star of his Presidential reality TV show.  He has revived his catch phrase “You’re fired!”  Weekly he gives assignment to governments officials to improve the bottom line of his business empire.  Fans watch as he fires, on his weekly live presidential TV broadcast, an unfortunate government worker. 

No Home for Children - Audio Stories Podcast 0026

In Seattle, It’s known as “Lytton Cottage.”  The Lytton family built the cottage in 1888.  Originally, it had been sited on one hundred and fifty acres of land (as a small farm with incredible views of Lake Washington).  The family had made a success of the farm until Thanksgiving Day 1899. 

Sometime during that night, they were all murdered by a transient named Jacob Bird.  Bird used a double edge ax taken from the family’s wood shed to kill and dismember Shari, Thomas, their two children Jenny and Tom Jr. and Shari’s father Henry Morgan.  He also killed their dog Butch and all the families’ livestock.  

He stacked the family’s bloody bodies, like wood, in one of the bedrooms in the house.  Then he took a bath, put on some of Thomas clothes, and made himself breakfast.   At some point, he fell asleep.  He was still asleep when he was captured by the sheriff’s patrol.  On the wall of the bedroom where the bodies were found, Bird had written in his victim’s blood, “No home for children.”    

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Before his death by hanging on November 12, 1900, Jacob Bird bragged that he had killed more than one hundred people throughout North America.  He used his last words to place a curse on everyone involved in sending him to his death and stopping God’s work.  Strangely, within three years of his execution, the five men most associated with the case all died by strangulation.  

Peter Duggen, the neighbor who discovered Bird sleeping, choked in his sleep.  Deputy Sherriff Frank Hodge, the man who arrested Bird, choked in his sleep.  Edward Josh, the Prosecuting Attorney, choked in his sleep.  James Horrigan, the Presiding Judge, choked in his sleep.  George Sherman, Bird’s  Defense Attorney (whom Bird blamed for an ineffectual defense), choked in his sleep.  It’s a wondered Bird didn’t place a curse God for allowing him to be caught.

By 1901, an electric railway had been extended into the neighborhood from the City of Seattle.  Over the next twenty years, the area changed from rural farm land to suburban neighborhood.   Finally, it was annexed by the City of Seattle.   The land became valuable as lots for housing.  Except for the cottage and the lot upon which it set, the remainder of the farm was sold by the owner.  He kept the cottage to rent out but it soon fell into disrepair.  

In those days, no tenant would live there for more than a few weeks at a time.  The place went through long periods with no occupants.  There are newspaper accounts from 1906 through 1918 of several vagrants found dead in the cottage by the county sheriff’s patrol.  Their deaths were attributed to disease or accidents.  The locals claimed it was the Lytton cottage ghosts.

In September 1920, Maude Adams purchased the cottage at a county tax auction.  She was a war widow with two small children.  County records show that the cottage was remodeled to include adding electrical power and indoor plumbing.  The family lived a quiet life.  However, the cottage retained a reputation for unusual happenings with the neighbors.  

This is one of the neighborhood stories (there are more).  A young girl was visiting Cordelia Adams the daughter of Maude Adams.  They were playing in Cordelia’s room when they heard Maude call to them from the kitchen for help.  As the girls were moving to the kitchen, Maude came out of her bedroom into the hallway and stopped them.  With her index finger pressed to her lips, Maude motioned for the girls to be quiet.  Maude said in a whisper to the girls, I heard her call you too.  It wasn’t me.  There were other stories of house guest awaking to find the ghost of deceased relatives standing beside their beds or worst kneeling on top of their chest.  

Mrs. Adams passed away, in the cottage, in January 1963 of natural causes.  Her children turned the house into a rental after they were unable to sell it and didn’t choose to live there.  The cottage was first rented to a family in the fall of 1963.  The family moved out of the cottage before the end of the year.  No explanation was given. That began a long troubled period of short term rental tenants until 1983.  Then it was purchased by the Gannon family (primarily for the views of Lake Washington).  

The Gannon’s (Thomas and Emma) had a boy and a girl under age ten.  One night a few days after  they moved into the cottage in July 1983, the children disappeared.  They were in their rooms at bedtime.  Their mother checked on them around eleven-thirty that night.  Both children were asleep.  When she went into wake them at seven the next morning, they were gone.  In the son’s bedroom was a message written on the wall “No home for children.”  

It appeared the children had been kidnapped.  There was no evidence of a break in.  The cottage doors were locked from the inside.  The children’s house keys were in their rooms.  The cottage windows were also secured.  None of the children’s clothing was missing.  They appeared too have departed while still in their pajamas without their shoes.  

During an interview with Seattle Police Detectives (later that day) something very unusual occurred.  Mr. and Mrs. Gannon, police detectives and other family members assembled, heard the children’s voices calling for help.  Their calls were coming from the empty hallway that led to the family’s bedrooms.  However, when they answered the children’s calls, it became apparent that the children couldn’t hear them.  

The police searched the house again.  No one could identify why they were hearing the children’s voices in an empty hallway.  The house was checked for hidden electronic devices.  None were found.  The police used a wall penetrating radar.  No hidden rooms were discovered.  Mr. Gannon ripped open the walls, the ceiling and the floor of the hallway.  They found nothing.  There is video from 1983 made by a local TV station on YouTube.  The children can be heard pleading for help.  The adults appear frustrated and confused.  

One of the Police Officers (standing watch over the property that day) had lived in the cottage twenty years earlier as a child.  She told this strange story to the detectives.  One afternoon, after school in November 1963, (a few months after her family had moved into the cottage) she and her brother Sam were watching cartoons on a TV in the living room.  At some point during the TV program, the face of an expressionless circus clown filled the black and white TV screen.  He looked like J. P Patches.  They could still hear the cartoons continuing in the background but couldn’t see them because the clown’s face was blocking the program.  

They changed the channel several times but the clown’s face continued to fill the screen.  They turned off the TV.  The image of the clown still filled the TV screen.  The children called for their mother Pam.  She turn on the TV.  She also saw the clown.  She changed the channel several times and then turned it off again.  The clowns face was still there silently watching them.  He was watching the children.  

In those day TV sets were very heavy.  Their mother asked them to help her turn the TV screen to face the wall.  As they moved to do that, something changed on the TV screen.  They could see the full body of the clown.  He was no longer watching them.  He was a participant in the incident occurring on the TV screen. The mother recognized the interior of her parent’s home across town.  The clown, in full circus regalia, was walking through her parent’s home.  

He opened the door of the master bathroom.  Pam could see her mother Viola (the children’s grandmother) laying nude in the bathtub.  She was unconscious and bleeding from her nose and scalp.  The clown pointed to their grandmother and a cartoon bubble caption with these words appeared above his head.  "Hurry, she just slipped, call an ambulance now!"  

The family only had one car.  It was with her father at work.  So, Pam called for the ambulance and also called one of the grandmother’s neighbor’s to help.   Pam and the children continued to watch the god’s eye view on the TV as the neighbor entered the house and helped Viola.  Then the ambulance arrived and they took Viola to the hospital.   The clown was in her parents’ house the entire time.  It appeared no one could see him.   Pam was watching the neighbor dial her from Viola’s house when the TV went blank.  The clown was gone.  

There were two final messages from the clown.  First, get out this house.  It is not safe for children.  Second, you will know this is true when your President is killed.  A few day after that, President Kennedy was killed in Dallas.  In December, we moved out of the cottage.  The police officer told the detectives with some risk to her career.  That thing build my mother’s trust to save me and my brother.  This house is haunted. The ghost are tricksters.  We can’t help this family.  They need the clown’s help.  

Over the next twelve days, the Gannon’s listened as their children’s pleas for help became weaker and weaker.  Since the first day, the children had been pleading for water and food. Now they were also constantly crying because they were dying of thirst and hunger.  At the end of the twelfth day, they could no longer be heard.  They were not saved.  

The Gannon’s committed suicide in the cottage on the fourteenth day by gunshot.  Their bodies were found together in the hallway.  The official police report said it was a murder and a suicide.  A book was written about the incident but the names and the location were changed  because the bank that took over the property (upon the deaths of the Gannon’s) threaten to sue the publisher and author.  The bank had a difficult time selling the cottage after what happen to the Gannon family.  

Since 1984 the cottage has changed ownership several times.  The main thing that attracts people is the view of Lake Washington.  For short periods of time, the cottage is owner occupied.  Then it quickly reverts back to its troubled rental history.  

In 2013, Seattle Police were called to assist the then current tenants.  They were in the living room watching a movie when the bodies of two emaciated and mummified children in pajamas suddenly appeared on the floor of the hallway (out of nowhere).  Written on the wall in one of the bedrooms was this message, “No home for children.”  

That completes our story.  I’m J. B. Simien.  I hope you have enjoyed it.  Please recommend this podcast to your fans.   Thank you and take care.

3 Unexplained Paranormal Incidents

It’s late at night.  At the end of your long workday.  You’re stuck in an eerie restroom of a now empty office building (all alone).  You just couldn’t hold it until you got home.  When you are at your most vulnerable, you hear footsteps echoing on the tile floor of the restroom (heading towards your stall).  There shouldn’t be anyone in there but you.  Everyone has gone home.  

Then you see them.  Two legs framed against the bottom opening of the stall door.  The person doesn’t make a sound.  Hello!  You cry nervously.  Who’s there?  Then someone pushes open your stall door.  They stand before you with their arms reaching out and their mouth open and say “stand by for three tales of paranormal strangeness.”  

This is Audio Stories with J.B. Simien. And this is Three Unexplained Paranormal Incidents.

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Incident # 1 Ms. Betty Knows

Daily, my family helps our older neighbor Ms. Betty.  We have known her and lived next door to her for decades (long before I was born).  She was always very helpful.  She use to baby sit us kids when my mother had to work.  I have eaten many meals and snacks at her house.  She is like our second

These days, she lives alone.  Her daughter Lacy lives in Texas.  Ms. Betty sometimes gets confused about things but we watch out for her and we help her when she needs it.  Her doctor added some new medication recently to delay her memory loss. I think that the medication has had some strange side effects.   When she greeted me today, she said hello to my dad (then hello to me).   My dad died in Afghanistan ten years ago.  

I reminded her that my dad had died.  She reminded me that she knew.  She was at his memorial but he’s here now.  He wants to talk.  Then she begin talking to my invisible father.  She moved into the living room and continued her conversation while sitting on her couch (talking to the empty end).  I just stood in the living room doorway watching (deeply worried).  I wanted to call her doctor or her daughter but something told me to wait.  

She stopped talking to my invisible dad and turned her full attention to me.  She said that my father had been watching over the family since he died.  He plan to continue looking out for us until we all passed.  She said he had something very important that he wanted me to do. 

Hours later, based upon Ms. Betty’s instructions, I located my dad’s internet password notebook inside his old duffel bag (the one they had shipped from Afghanistan containing his clothing after he was killed).  In the notebook, I found information for a stock brokerage account in his name.

Online, I accessed his account.  My father had purchased 200 shares of Goggle when it first went public at $100 per share.  On the day that I checked his account, Google was trading at $1250 per share.  The account balance (in just Google shares alone) was $250,000.

Incident # 2 People See Things

For four years, my sister Karen has been raising her son Jim alone.  The kid’s father has never contribute to their family.  She occasionally needs help.  So, when her Army Reserve Unit was called up for a year-long service in Iraq in 2008, my nephew came to live with us.  By us, I’m referring to my mother Helen (his grandmother) and me (his uncle) Joe.  We were very happy to have my nephew living with us.

He slept in his mother’s old bedroom.  Every night before I went to bed at Eleven-thirty, I would just stand for a few minutes in the doorway of my nephew’s room and watch him sleep.  One night (about eight months after his mom departed for Iraq), I was approaching his bedroom door when I heard him talking to someone. Since there were only three of us in the house, I thought he was talking to my mother because I heard him say mommy.  

As I stepped into his darken bedroom, I could see by the illumination from the hallway light that my sister was holding my nephew in her arms and standing by the window.  Excited and surprised, I ran up and hugged them both.  I asked her, how she got here.  I screamed for my mother to wake up and join us.  My sister said cryptically that they must have let her go.

We all went into the living room to talk.  We were so happy to have her back home.  She wouldn’t put my nephew down.  She kept kissing him and telling him how much she loved him and how much she had missed him.  She kept telling us all how much she loved us. We talked about growing up together in the house and the things she had missed over the last eight months.  She cried the whole time.

At one A.M., there was a knock at our front door, I could see through the peep hole that it was Colonel Sheree.   She was the Brigade Commander of my sister’s Army Reserve Unit and she was in full uniform.  I knew something was wrong.  When I opened the door, she greeted me and told me she had some very bad news.  I asked her in and we went into the living room where the family was waiting. 

As Colonel Sheree stepped into our living room, she spotted my sister.  She seemed confused.   She asked my sister how she had gotten here.  At that point, I thought my sister must have gone AWOL (absent without leave).   However, I was wrong.  The Colonel had received a message that Karen was in a serious accident In Iraq.  

The vehicle that she had been traveling in had been blown up by a roadside bomb.  The Army had evacuated her to Germany for treatment.  She was in an induced coma in a hospital in Wiesbaden.   Karen didn’t remember any of that.  She told Colonel Sheree that she didn’t know how she had gotten here.  She said that she had gone to sleep and woken up at home. 

The Colonel called to confirm that Karen was in Germany.  The Army verified that she was in a coma in the hospital.  My sister, the Colonel, my mother and I talked about this unusual situation for the remainder of the night.   At the first rays of dawn Karen said that she was feeling ill and needed to lay down.  With my mother’s help, she curled up beside her son on the bed in her old room.  Colonel Sheree departed to write up the situation in a report.  She had taken pictures of Karen on her cell phone camera and had Karen spit into some tissue for a DNA test.  

The Colonel took me aside and said.  I don’t know who that woman is.  She seems to be your sister but she can’t be.  Your sister is in Germany.  If I thought that she was your sister, I would have to have the MP’s (Military Police) detain her.  You all be very careful. 

In a few hours, when my mother checked on my sister, only my nephew was still in the room.  My sister had vanished.  In a week, the Army had flown my sister, still in a coma, to Fort Lewis to continue her recovery and to be closer to her family.  She remained in a coma for weeks and we visited her every day.  At night, I would sometimes hear her playing with my nephew in her bedroom.  I would open the door and there she would be (a living ghost).   

Some weeks later, we were called by the hospital.  My sister had awoken from the coma.  When she could finally speak, she confirmed that she had somehow come home to us while she had been in the coma.  She could remember everything.  The Colonel had a DNA test performed on the sample she took within days of collecting it.   The results of the DNA test confirmed that the woman in our house that night was my sister.  They let the issue drop.

Incident # 3 It’s On Film

My stepson Greg is five.  He likes to imitate his mother Kim and me (Leo).  Unfortunately, we apparently spend too much time engaged with our cell phones at home because he wanted his own cell phone too.   Of course he is too young.  He does not need a phone.  Still, I don’t like disappointing him.  So, when I upgraded recently to a new phone, I gave him my old phone to use as a toy.

He carried that phone everywhere. I would charge it for him at night (when I charged mine).  I showed him how to use the camera and how to send us a copy of the pictures he took through email using our home Wi-Fi network.  He took pictures of everything thing that interest him.  Kim and I would receive email from him throughout the day containing his pictures.   

Then I showed him how to use the camera to make short films.  As with the pictures, he sent us email of his short films throughout the day too.  In one of the recent short films, my stepson interviewed his imaginary friend.  The films starts with him introducing his friend.  He says today I am talking to Kevin on my show.  Then he told Kevin to say hello.  I heard a deep manly voice say Hello Kim, Hello Leo.  I knew that voice.  It was Tommy.   Greg’s deceased father. 

That completes Three Unexplained Paranormal Incidents.  I’m J.B. Simien.  I hope that you have enjoyed this story.  Thank you very much for listening.  There are more stories below for you to
enjoy.  Thanks again and take care

A Ghost Story - The Ice Skater

After they had traveled together some distance, William checked his navigation by glancing at the North Star.  He realized that he was no longer on a direct path to his destination.  He wanted to resume his original path but he felt an irresistible compulsion to follow the mysterious skater.  Then it occurred to him. This skater maybe something supernatural (not human).  This is Audio Stories with J.B. Simien. And this is the story of two people in love and a mysterious ice skater. 

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This tale circulates in the family of a friend (Karen).  It about a strange event that happened to her great grandfather William in Canada one winter’s night around December 1912. In those days, the winters in his area were so cold that the lakes and waterways would freeze over until spring. It was normal for people to conduct business by using ice skates to travel from place to place (over the frozen waterways).  

On the longest and darkest winter’s night of the year, William departed his home to attend the wedding of his best friend Wally, which was scheduled for the next day, in another town.  He was the best man so he had to be there.   He needed to travel about sixteen miles over a frozen lake to get to his destination.  While moving at top speed over the ice, he was looking up at the sky and navigating by the stars.

He was excited because he was also going to see Marie.  She was the maid of honor.  He was in love with Marie.  He only got to see her when he traveled to the other town.  So, he was thinking about their reunion and the wedding.  Perhaps, he thought, it was time that he and Marie make their own wedding plans. 

After some miles of traveling over the ice, on that dark night, he discovered with a shock that he was not alone.  Suddenly, in front of him (almost within reach) he could see an ice skater dressed in white clothing traveling in the same direction.  He called out to the skater but there was no reply.  

Thinking that he had not been heard, he increased his speed to pull besides the skater.  However, whenever he increase his speed, the other skater increased their speed too.  He could never get closer than the original distance between them.

After they had traveled together for some miles, William checked his location by glancing at the North Star.  He realized that he was no longer on a direct path to his destination.  He wanted to resume his original path but he felt an irresistible compulsion to follow the mysterious skater.  Then it occurred to him.  This skater maybe something supernatural (not human). 

Then William remembered the strange thing that had happened when he was five. One night, his family had taken in two travelers who had been caught in, an especially bad, winter storm.  They were traveling light.  They had no luggage.  They had been walking to their destination when the storm unexpectedly hit.  They said that they were lucky to have found the family’s home on that lonely stretch of road.
By the next morning, the storm had ended.  When the family awoke, the travelers were gone.  William was the first family member out of the house that morning.  In the newly fallen snow, he discovered a trail of two wolf paw prints leading from the front door to the woods.  There was no trail of prints leading to the door (just away).  No human foot prints were found.

William felt compelled to follow the mysterious skater for the remained of the night.  At, the first rays of dawn, the mysterious skater disappeared before his eyes.  However, William discovered that he was now at his destination.   The mysterious skater had gotten him there by traveling the creek route instead of the more direct path over the lake. 

 As William looked towards the lake that morning, over the path that he would have followed that night, he discovered that some of the ice had broken up.  He could see open water.  If he had continued on his original path, looking at the sky and navigating by the stars at top speed, he would have fallen into the lake.  It would have been certain death for him.  Following that mysterious skater had save his life.  He believes that the mysterious skater was his guardian angel!

When he got to his Wally’s home, he discovered that the wedding nuptials had been postponed.  Marie, the bride’s maid had fallen ill.   The previous day, she caught a chill while ice skating.  Throughout the night, she had been unconscious.  Tossing and turning, she fearfully spoke in her sleep about William skating over the lake on the ice.  She said that he didn’t know the ice had broken up.  She kept crying for him to travel the creek route instead of the lake.  

She had only woken from her delirium minutes before William had arrived at Wally’s home. William told Wally that he had traveled the creek route.  He then told him the story of the mysterious skater (who had apparently saved his life).
In the spring, William and Marie were married.  William was convinced that Marie had somehow summoned an ice skating Angel to save him. For the remainder of their lives, the couple told people the story of the mysterious skater to prove that fate had bless their union.  Their descendants still tell this miraculous love story today.  I wonder though if this supernatural event should be properly attributed to an ice skating Angel or the living ghost of a woman in love.  

That completes the story of the Mysterious Skater.  Thanks Karen for your story.  I’m J.B. Simien.  I hope that you have enjoyed this story.  Thank you very much for listening.  There are more stories below for you to enjoy.  Thank you again and take care.

16 Predictions for the Trump Presidency

With Donald Trump in the White House, Republicans in control of both houses of Congress and partisan Republicans in control of the Supreme Court, here is what the United States can expect for the next four years:

1. Continued Republican efforts to restrict voting on the state and national levels.

2. Repeal of Obama Care and no viable replacement offered.

3. Increased restrictions on abortion by Republican controlled state houses.

4. Increase economic inequality.

5. Restrictions on press freedom.

6. Constitutional amendments to roll back same sex marriage.

7. Laws to restrict sexual minorities. 

8. Increase in gerrymandering of congressional districts to favor Republicans.

9. Constitutional amendments to require English only for official communications.

10. Increase efforts to empower White Supremacy in an effort to make America White again.

11. Continuing efforts to eliminate affirmative action policies.  

12. Tax policies that favor the wealthy and disadvantage the less affluent.

13. The use of government power to attack Trump’s adversaries.

14. Increase in the harassment of people of color by law enforcement officials.

15. A deep economic recession as Trump undermines established economic policies.

16. Increase in military conflicts as Trump is manipulated by foreign powers.

The United States has enter a dark period.  The change that is coming will not be for the better.