16 Predictions for the Trump Presidency

With Donald Trump in the White House, Republicans in control of both houses of Congress and partisan Republicans in control of the Supreme Court, here is what the United States can expect for the next four years:

1. Continued Republican efforts to restrict voting on the state and national levels.

2. Repeal of Obama Care and no viable replacement offered.

3. Increased restrictions on abortion by Republican controlled state houses.

4. Increase economic inequality.

5. Restrictions on press freedom.

6. Constitutional amendments to roll back same sex marriage.

7. Laws to restrict sexual minorities. 

8. Increase in gerrymandering of congressional districts to favor Republicans.

9. Constitutional amendments to require English only for official communications.

10. Increase efforts to empower White Supremacy in an effort to make America White again.

11. Continuing efforts to eliminate affirmative action policies.  

12. Tax policies that favor the wealthy and disadvantage the less affluent.

13. The use of government power to attack Trump’s adversaries.

14. Increase in the harassment of people of color by law enforcement officials.

15. A deep economic recession as Trump undermines established economic policies.

16. Increase in military conflicts as Trump is manipulated by foreign powers.

The United States has enter a dark period.  The change that is coming will not be for the better.