Five Mostly True Halloween Stories

Five Mostly True Halloween Stories

On Halloween (also known as “All Hallows Eve.”) some people believe that the veil that separates our reality from the world of the supernatural is at its thinnest.  On this day, above any other day, we should expect to encounter ghost, spirits, haunted objects, supernatural creatures, and a host of other unexplained phenomenon.  However, what we usually encounter is just dangerous people acting crazy.  This is Audio Stories with J. B. Simien and what follows is five mostly true stories of crazy events on Halloween night.

Story One

Peter was obsess with Zombies.  He believed they exist and feared them.  Later he would be diagnosed with Kinemortophobia a fear of zombies.  He spent countless hours watching Zombie TV shows and movies.  He discourse with his associates in detail about his plans to survive a Zombie siege.  He showed his friends the loaded gun he kept in a holster strapped to the underside of a table lamp by his front door for emergencies.  He also had another gun prepared in the same way by the back door and loaded guns prepared in every room of his house.  Pete wanted to be ready if any Zombies showed up.  It’s a good thing he didn’t have children in the house. 

It’s unfortunate that late one Halloween night someone else’s children came to Peter’s house.  Two drunken college boys, costumed as zombies, chose to stop at Peter’s house to ask for directions to a house party in the neighborhood.  As they prepared to knock, Peter fired fifteen rounds of nine millimeter ammunition through his front door killing one boy and critically injuring the other.  It’s very fortunate for Peter that he lived in a stand your ground state.  His lawyer was able to convince a jury of his peers that Peter feared for his life and was therefore not guilty of a crime. 
Story Two

Halloween Night, three teenage girls were hanging out in the food court of a local mall.  They met a really cute older guy who invited them to a party at one of his friend’s homes.  They decided to go because the guy looked trustworthy.  The party was at a mansion in a really expensive neighborhood in Southern California.  The girls recognized some minor celebrities at the party.  So, they begin to relax and consume cocktails and some pills from a bowl that was being passed around.

The girl who tells this story is unsure how long she had been unconscious.  She woke up nude in a small dark room the size of a closet with a blanket over her.  There were four walls, no windows, no door and a concrete floor.  There was a toilet and a thin mat for her to lay on.  The only water she had to drink and clean herself with was from the toilet’s reservoir.

When the police found her more than six years later (based upon a tip from the utility company that there was possibly marijuana being grown in the house), she had spent those years being sexually assaulted and abused by her abductor. She had given birth to two children (whose disposition is unknown).   Her two friends have not been found.

Story Three

On Halloween, A divorced father took his two kids trick or treating.  They went all over the town and had a great time.  At the end of the night, when he dropped the kids at his ex-wife’s house, they both had enormous bags filled with candy.  Their mother inspected all the candy and she put it away.  She would allow the kids to consume it a little bit at a time over the month.

A few weeks later one of the children became very ill after eating some of the candy and had to go to the emergency room.  The test at the hospital reveal that the child had been poisoned.   The remaining candy was tested and several pieces in both bags were found to be poisoned.

The police brought the father in for questioning.  They wanted to see if he could remember the houses that the candy had come from.  The police officer who was speaking with the father.  Opened with this statement, well it looks like you did it!  The police officer was talking about the rare odds of receiving poisoned candy on Halloween. 

The father took the policeman’s remark as their knowledge that he had poisoned his children’s candy and confessed to the deed.  He reasoned, that if the children were dead, he wouldn’t have to pay child support and he could collect on their life insurance policies.

Story Four

Halloween night, a church decided it would put on a Halloween Haunted House for charity and to keep the church kids out of trouble.  It was a big hit with the customers.  The costumed actors and the props were very scary.  Almost everyone complemented the pastor on the old lady prop hanging by her neck from a tree in the graveyard.  They said that prop was especially realistic.  They were correct.  It turns out that the old lady hanging by her neck, in the grave yard, was a local homeless person who had committed suicide.

Story Five

A couple was driving to a Halloween party when some teens started throwing raw eggs at their expensive car as they passed.  The driver stopped the car to confront the teens.  There was a heated argument.  The driver turned to go back to his car.  One of the teens raised a gun and fired it into the back of the drivers head.  He died at the scene.  The killer was never found.

Well, that completes Five Mostly True Halloween Stories (based upon the actions of some very crazy people).  I’m J.B. Simien.  I hope that you have enjoyed this Halloween Audio Story and that you will share it with your friends.  Please, don’t forget to like it below also.

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Ghost Story - How I Know That The Dead Are Alive

I watched a YouTube video of an excited dog looking at a bubble floating from the ceiling to the floor in someone’s home.  From the dogs perspective, that bubble must have appeared to be a living being.  When the bubble collided with the floor and disappeared, that dog must have thought that he had just witness a supernatural event.

We know that this was not a supernatural event.  It can be explained by scientists as a part of nature.  Perhaps, ghost are like those bubbles.  They are perceived by us to be supernatural actors.  However, ultimately scientists may discover that they are just part of our yet to be explained natural world.  This is Audio Stories with J.B. Simien and this is “How I know that the Dead Are Alive.”

I’m sorry, I think that I misunderstood your last question.  Would you repeat it please?  The heavy set manager interviewing me displayed a little bit of nervous energy as he repeated the question.  “Would you be comfortable working alone in a building that is known to be haunted?  That question came near the end of my (I think) successful interview to become a night janitor at the College in Bellevue, Washington.  I don’t think I would have a problem.  I responded (still a bit confused).  I don’t believe in supernatural stuff. 

Still, the manager continued, if you knew that you would encounter ghost while working, would you still want to work here?  I assumed that his question was a test too measure how badly I needed this job.  I thought to myself, I’m desperate for work.  I’ve been unemployed for five months.  Employment is difficult to obtain when you are past age fifty and a felon.  A ten dollar per hour, minimum wage, job like this one is the best that I can do for now.  I also knew that they need me because people kept leaving.   I replied “Mr. Bell, I have no fear of ghost. That would not be a problem if you were to employ me sir.” 

Monday, my first night on the job, I met Fred.  We got to know each other briefly.  I was relieve because I was told by Mr. Bell that I would be working the shift alone.  Fred is not his birth name.  He is from China.   His actual name is difficult for English speaking people to pronounce.  So, he adapted Fred as his English name to make it easier for us to address him. 

We were tasked to clean the classrooms in C wing.  So we went to the end of that hallway with our equipment and begin.  We split up.  He cleaned the rooms on the right side of the hallway and I cleaned the rooms on the left side.  We were always across from each other.  He wouldn’t move to his next room, until I had finished cleaning my room, and I would wait on him also.

When we first moved to the end of hallway C, I notice one of the professors was still working in their classroom.  That classroom was on my side of the hallway and now it was time for me to clean the room.  So, I knocked on the door before entering the room and asked her politely if it was OK for me to clean up.  She continued to work at her desk and didn’t say a word.  She completely ignored me.  So, after some minutes of waiting to be acknowledged, I backed out of the room.  

I didn’t want to get into trouble for disturbing a professor on my first night on the job.  I went across the hallway to the room Fred was cleaning and told him that a professor was still in the other classroom working.  I think its best that I clean that room after she leaves, I said.  He said, OK.  So, I help him clean the room we were in.

When we finished with that room, Fred looked across the hallway to the room where the professor was working.  He said, well, I guess she’s gone.  Let’s clean that room together and we will move on.  When I got near the door of the room, I could see that the professor was still working at her desk.  I said, wait Fred she is still in there.  He walked into the room with his equipment and said No, there is nobody here! 

I grabbed him gently by his arm and said don’t you see her at the desk.  He turned and looked at me like I had lost my mind. There is no body at the desk, he said in a strong voice that indicated I should take my hand off of him right now.  I spoke out to the professor, we are sorry to disturb you mam but we need to clean this room.  She continued working as though she hadn’t heard me.  Fred, now clearly irritated with me, said forcefully, who are you talking too there is nobody in here but us!

I was shaking.  I understood the manager’s question now.  The professor was a ghost.  Fred could not see or sense her.  I said, Fred you have to believe me, there is a ghost sitting at that desk right now.  The manager warned me about them.  Fred turned to me and said.  No, that can’t be correct.  I’m the only ghost who haunts this building.  Then, I watched him fade into shadows and disappear.   

Now, this is the place in other stories where the person will tell you that they ran screaming from the building and quit the job the next day.  Well, I thought about it.  However, if you recall, I need that job because for me it’s difficult to find work.  Also, I had promised Mr. Bell that ghosts would not be a problem for me. 

So, here is what I did.  Filled with fear, I clean that room with the ghost professor still sitting at her desk because nothing was going to disturb her.  Then, I spent the rest of the shift fearfully completing all of my work. 

I kept that janitorial job for nine years.  I took an early retirement at age sixty-two.  After a few months of working there, supernatural encounters became just a routine part of my job.  Now, I encounter ghosts everywhere.  I’m tuned into them.  That’s how I know that the dead are alive. 

This ends the story of “How I know that the Dead Are Alive.”  I’m J.B. Simien.  I hope that you have enjoyed this story.  If you would like to be informed when more stories are posted, please subscribe to this channel now.  Also, if you liked this story, please click the thumbs up symbol below.  

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Sister Helgas Demon - Audio Stories - J.B. Simien #0021

Pete sent a tweet to Cynthia asking what is going on.  Within a few minutes he received a phone call from her.  She was speaking in a panicky and stressed out voice.  “I am so sorry Pete to put this on you but we have to do what Sister Helga wants.  This is Audio Stories with J. B. Simien and this is the story of “Sister Helga’s Demon.”

This is a story from the website   It happened in Houston, Texas in 2014.  Pete received a retweeted audio message, from one of his school mates (Cynthia).  The voice in the audio message said “Sister Helga prays for your good health but she will place a curse upon you if you do not follow her instructions.

You have been selected to provide $100 to help Sister Helga’s mission.  You are to deposit the money, in US Dollars, into this PayPal account (xxxxxx) within one hour.  You are also instructed to re-tweet this message to all of your followers on Twitter. If you fail to comply with Sister Helga’s message you will be haunted by a demon until you perform as required.”

Immediately Pete sent a tweet to Cynthia asking what’s going on.  Within a few minutes he received a phone call from her.  She was speaking in a panicky and stressed out voice.  “I am so sorry Pete to put this on you but we have to do what Sister Helga wants.

She said, “At first, when I received it today, I thought that the message was bull and I ignored it.  Then after an hour, I felt something standing near me but I couldn’t see or hear anything.  I told myself that it was my imagination.  Then something grabbed me and choke me until I passed out.  While it was choking me, it told me to do what Sister Helga wanted.”

“When I woke up, my throat was throbbing and I had finger marks around my neck.  I sent the money and the tweets as I had been told.  I think the demon is gone.  I’m so sorry to get you involved.  I had to do it.  Now, you have to do it too.  I’ll give you the money if that’s a problem”

Pete told Cynthia in his calmest voice that he is not falling for this joke.  “Cynthia you just tell them (or yourself) that I didn’t fall for it.  See you at school.  Bye!”  Then he hung up.  Cynthia called back and tried to convince him that, if he didn’t follow the instructions, he would be haunted by a demon.

Each time he told her he wasn’t falling for it and hung up.  She continued to call but he stopped answering her calls.  She sent him text messages saying “it’s no joke.”  He ignored her messages.  “That girl really sells it,” he thought.  “Still, I’m not falling for it.”

One hour after receiving the tweet, Pete felt as though something was standing behind him.  Just then Cynthia’s voice sounded through the speaker of his phone.  “Pete you have to believe me!"

Then he heard a disembodied voice from behind him say.  “Pete, you have to believe her!  Let’s make this quick.  I have a few hundred people to visit today.”   Cynthia sobbed through the loud speaker as she heard Pete screaming in pain. 

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How To Tell If You Are A Ghost - Audio Stories - J. B. Simien #0010

Like his father he is a ghost.  He told me his story because he is going to die soon.  He wants me to understand the type of people I come from.  How to tell if you are a ghost and what to do about it.  This is Audio Stories with J. B. Simien.

My Great Grandfather is ninety-six years old. He lost his driver’s license recently because his vision has declined.  It’s no longer safe for him to drive alone.  I’m sixteen years old and have just recently earned my driver’s license.  Great Grand Papa agreed to give me his car if I would drive him to the park and pick him up each day.  I agreed.  Now, I am his chauffeur for a few hours each day.

For as long as anyone can remember, everyday (rain, shine, or snow) my great grandfather has driven to Jenkins Park (just outside the city limits of our town).  For hours, the entire time that he is there, he sits on the same park bench and gazes silently at the same patch of ground (near an old tree)  He sips from a carefully hidden bottle of whiskey and appears lost in deep thoughts.

Everyone has asked him at one time or another why does he go to that park every day (rain or shine) and just sit there.  He usually responds because I “fucking feel like it.  Mind your own got dam business.”  Today, when I asked him, I was expecting his usual reply, he said.  “Come here Bobby, sit here next to me.  I want to tell you a story.

When he was a boy of twelve in the 1930’s.  The patch of ground that this park now occupies was part of a farm that once belonged to the Miller family.  This area use to be a pasture.  He lived nearby on another farm.  The neighborhood boys would get together at night in the summer after their chores had been completed to play games and just have fun in the dark.

One night while the boys were playing hide and seek in the woods, some of them found Tammy Jones and Junebug Washington in a hidden spot (half-naked kissing and groping each other).  Now, this was rural Mississippi in the 1930’s.  Tammy was a teenage white girl and Junebug was a teenage black boy.  What they were doing was wrong according to community standards (of that time).

So, the boys broke it up and the two teenagers took off running still half naked. The boys were laughing so hard (over the absurdity of the situation) that they couldn’t chase them.  There was rumors that those two were sweet on each other and sneaking around at night.  The boys had found out it was true.

The next day he told his daddy the story of finding the two teenagers together.  Great Grand Papa thought he was telling his daddy a funny story.  However, his daddy turned red and didn’t laugh at all.  Later that night, disguised as ghost, his daddy and most of the neighborhood men went to find Junebug.   Junebug ran.  When they caught him, they took him to the pasture on Miller Farm.

The men accused Junebug of raping Tammy.  They whipped him.  They hung him from the branch of a tree and proceeded to mutilate his body and torture him.  Finally, they soaked him in gasoline.  Since, great grand papa had been the person that alerted the men (when he told his daddy the story), they let him set Junebug on fire.  Actually, they made him set Junebug on fire.

When the men’s work was done, they left Junebug’s body hanging for weeks as a warning to the blacks to know their place.  His daddy thanked him for doing his part to keep the community safe.  After that incident, he never told his daddy or anyone else anything about his life again.

Weeks later, in secret, he cut down Junebug’s remains and buried him in the spot he visits today.  He said that like his daddy he became a ghost.  He haunts Junebug’s grave and the graves of all the others buried there.  The park is an unmarked graveyard for blacks murdered long ago to keep up our old ideas of community standards.

He comes each day to ask forgiveness and to pray.  He said he told me this story because he is going to die soon.  He wants me to understand the type of people I come from.  He wants to be the last ghost.

That concluded the story of “How to tell if you are a ghost and what to do about it?”  I am J. B. Simien.  I hope that you have enjoyed this story.  If you would like to hear more Audio Stories please like this story below and subscribe to this channel now.

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Ghost Story - Sweet and Gentle Dog - Audio Stories - J.B. Simien #0014

I have worked in the funeral industry (around the dead) for over twenty-five years in many capacities.   All during that time, I did not believe ghost actually exist.  This is Audio Stories with J. B. Simien and this is the Story of “A Sweet and Gentle Dog.”

Long after the funeral party had departed the cemetery, the large German Shepard remained resting on the new grave.  When I returned to work the next day, the dog was still resting on the freshly formed grave of its former owner (I presume). 

All during the heat of that August day, the dog remained without shade, food, or water.  The cemetery grounds crew tried several times to drive the dog away.   It always returned and resumed its vigil above the grave.

It was a sweet and gentle dog. I don’t believe the guys tried very strongly to drive him away and I think they were secretly feeding him.  After a few days, we came to accept that the dog would remain there until he found a new home. 

I purchased some dog food.  Then I fed him and gave him water.  I did this every day (morning, noon and evening) for eleven days (even on the weekends).  I also ensured that the grounds crew cleaned up his poop. 

Then the grounds crew guys made a shelter for the dog in their work area and adopted it as their mascot.  They took over the feeding and the providing of water.  They even gave the dog a name, “Digger” (short for Grave Digger).

Sometimes, I work in the cemetery office late at night.  I’m the cemetery administrator.  One of those late nights in December around ten thirty pm.  I went to check on digger before heading home to ensure that he had water, food and a warm place to sleep.   

As I approached the grave that Digger usually rested upon, I observed and could hear that he was playing fetch with someone in the darkness.  The cemetery gates are open for twenty-four hours seven days per week because we have a watchman on site. 

There is rarely any vandalism because of that fact.  So, I thought that Digger was playing with our watchman or some other late night visitor.   Digger ran up to greet me and dropped the stick at my feet.  I threw the stick and Digger took off to retrieve it. 

I turned to the person that he had been playing fetch with and moved closer.  By this time I could see it was not our watchman Mr. North.  It was an elderly lady in a formal long dress.  In the darkness I couldn’t tell the color of the dress.  It look thin, long and black. 

I was in a winter jacket because of the cold.  The elderly woman didn’t appear to be affected by the cold weather.  Digger dropped the stick at her feet and she threw the stick again for him to retrieve it.  It was then that I notice that though she was solid in form, she had no feet.  She was hovering feet less above the ground.  

I tried very strongly not to appear rattled by my observation.   Still I think that my facial expression must have betrayed my rising shock; because, she asked, “Am I the first Ghost that you’ve met?”  My snappy retort in a weak voice was, “So you think that you are a ghost huh?”  

She didn’t answer my question.  She did say “I thank you and your men for taking such good care of my dog Chip. When I was alive, he was my child.  He and I were each other’s family.  There was no one to take care of him when I passed.  I am so grateful that you all have found each other.  Now, I can rest.”  With that she embraced Chip (Digger) for a long time.  Then she slowly faded before my eyes. 

I’ll end this story by making the following personal observation.   I have worked in the funeral industry (around the dead) for over twenty-five years in many capacities.   All during that time, I did not believe ghost actually exist outside of people’s imagination.  Now, I know that they do. 

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Living Ghosts - Incident at Lake Crescent - Audio Stories - J.B. Simien #0016

The camera on the drone revealed that one body was in a suit and the other body was in a dress.  I didn’t know what to make of it.   We stopped the YouTube live feed because the car was now the scene of a possible murder.  This is Audio Stories with J. B. Simien and this is the story of “The Incident at Lake Crescent”

In 1956, the narrow road around the rim of Lake Crescent, on the Olympic Peninsula of Washington State, was not paved.  In many spots there is a sheer drop off into the lake.  There are no guard rails and no road shoulders.  The narrow road itself tends to slant toward the 600 foot deep lake.  

My grandparents were driving to a cabin on the lake to spend their honeymoon.  They had just been married that day.  It was raining and dark.  The road was muddy and very slippery.  The only lights on the road was their car headlights and the headlights of other cars they met.  Because of the rain and the fog, they could only see a few yards in front of their car hood.

Based upon the weather conditions, they should have found a place to pull over and wait for the rain to stop but they wanted to get to the cabin and start the honey portion of the honeymoon.  At the worst possible time, they encountered a deer on the road.  There was not enough reaction time to avoid hitting the deer.  It went over the hood and into their windshield.  Their car plunged off the road and fell down a steep embankment into Lake Crescent.
Despite having the deer in the windshield, they were still aware when they hit the water.  Soon, their Buick filled with the cold lake water.  As the car was sinking, they were able to manually roll down the driver and passenger side car windows and hold their breaths.  When the car fill with enough water, they escaped to the surface of the lake out the windows.  

The car continued to sink. They were down so deep that they barely made it back to the surface of the lake.  Everybody in the family has heard this story over and over again.  We have even been up to Lake Crescent to see the scene of the accident on family vacations. 

This summer (August 2016), a few friends of mine and I rented a mini-submarine drone with a camera.  We have been using it for video adventures in Puget Sound and Lake Washington.  We have video of lots of wrecked objects in both bodies of water.  We came up with the idea to live streaming the underwater exploits on YouTube.  We have gotten thousands of viewers for the live stream events.  I convinced the guys at the end of August to go up to Crescent Lake and look for my grandparent’s car.  

I thought it would be a fun video adventure to show my family.  I knew my grandparents would get a kick out of seeing their old Buick at the bottom of Lake Crescent.  So we set up a live stream for that adventure also.    My grandparents were especially excited to be able to see their old car again.  My family threw a party at the lake for the occasion.  My grandmother asked if we could recover her wedding dress from the trunk of the car.

We located their car 560 feet down on the lake bottom (not too far from the point of entry).  The video of the Buick showed the remains of a deer still stuck in the windshield.  The car was deep in an oxygen poor environment, so the deer had decayed slowly.  It appeared relatively fresh.   The video feed also showed that the driver side and passenger side windows of the Buick were partially rolled down and the doors were closed.  

That was odd.  My grandparents had rolled down the windows to escape the car as it filled with water.  They couldn’t have gotten out of those windows.   With the deer in the windshield, there was no escaping that way either.  I was struck with a weird feeling.  

I took the controls of the mini-submarine drone from my friend.  I position the camera to look directly into the open portion of the passenger window.  After some adjustments for the light levels, the camera revealed two decaying bodies inside the car.  One body was in a suit and the other body was in a dress.  I didn’t know what to make of it.   We stopped the YouTube live feed because the car was now the scene of a possible murder.  

The family party at the lake stopped too.  My grandparents didn’t have an explanation for the bodies.  They were as confused as we were.  The Clallam County Sheriff investigated.  A week later, they recovered the vehicle from the bottom of Lake Crescent.   My grandparents insisted that they had no idea who the people in the car could be.  

The car was confirmed to be their Buick from 1956.  The identification on the bodies revealed that they were George Cleveland (my grandfather) and Terry Baker (my grandmother’s maiden name).   The bodies were that of a couple in their early twenty’s dressed in the same clothing that my grandparents were last seen in when departing for their honeymoon.  That was verified by their wedding photos.  

The bodies of the couple in the car were DNA tested and were found to have the same DNA as my Grandfather and Grandmother.   All the evidence confirmed that the dead people in the car were my grandparents as their twenty year old selves.   However, my eighty year old grandparents were still very much alive.   They had no explanation for the dead young people in their old car.

Nobody knew what to do.  So, with the government’s permission, my family buried the couple; because, somehow, they were related to us.   Officially, despite the DNA evidence, their identity was left as undetermined because their eighty year old clones are still alive.  

All evidence indicated that they were my grandparents when they were in their twenty’s.  All evidence indicated that my grandparents had not been able to swim out of that car and they drowned.  On the other hand, my eighty year old grandparents are alive but they shouldn’t be.  They couldn’t have gotten out of that car, in 1956, through the windows as they claimed.  

My family and the government have chosen to deal with this paradox by pretending it doesn’t exist.  The only thing that has been firmly resolved is the recovery of my grandmother’s wedding dress from the truck of that car.     

Despite the evidence, did the will to live allowed George Cleveland and Terry Baker (the honey moon couple) to supernaturally escape that doomed car in 1956?  Or, is it more likely that the couple are still trapped in that car sinking to the bottom of the lake and this story is their shared dream (hand in hand, lips to lips) facing death together?  Just a dream - within a dream.

This concludes the story of The Incident at Lake Crescent.  I’m J.B. Simien.  I hope that you have enjoyed this story.  To enjoy more Audio Stories as they become available, please subscribe to this channel now and click the like symbol below.  

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Forgo The Ritual And Trust In The Power - Forsaken - Audio Stories - J.B. Simien #0017

I told them that I would not paint my door with blood.  I had Jesus to protect me.  I convinced three other families in the village to forgo the ritual and trust in the power of the lord.   The village leadership was not pleased.  I didn’t care, I was going to show them the foolishness of their pagan beliefs.  This is Audio Stories with J. B. Simien and this is the story “Forsaken.”

Decades ago, I was a missionary on an assignment to a small village in the pacific islands.  The people in the village were generally Christians.  However, they practice some pagan rituals that I objected too.  Once per year, the blood of a goat would be painted across the door of the houses in the village to protect the inhabitants from a demon.  The villagers would paint the blood strip and say a prayer for protection.  If it was not done, in the morning, the inhabitants of an unprotected house would be dead.

I was warned about the ritual by the previous missionary that I had relieved.  He told me to ensure that I also painted the blood on my door.  It was something I had to do to be safe.  I lost my respect for that man.  I told him that I was disappointed in him before he departed.  I said, “A true man of God has no fear of Demons.”  This was a perfect time to teach the villagers a lesson about the powers of Jesus. 

I informed the village leaders that I would not be painting my door with blood.  I had the blood of Jesus to protect me.  I convinced three other devout families in the village to forgo the ritual and trust in the power of the lord.  The village leadership was not pleased with me.  I didn’t care.  I was determined to show them the foolishness of their pagan beliefs. The night of the ritual, I carried on as usual.  The next morning, I was, of course, still alive. 

As, I was departing my house to go to the church, I notice that someone had painted my door with blood.   I was angry.  Some superstitious person had upset my lesson in the power of Jesus.  After I calmed down, I went to visit the other three families whom had chosen to trust in the strength of the lord.  They would have to be the examples for the village. 

At all three houses, the families were dead.  They had been ripped apart by some powerful animal.  The village leaders said that I was the cause of these family’s deaths.  They said that I had painted my door (which was a lie) to save my life but I had let those people die.They turned the entire village against me.  I had to quickly leave for my own safety.  I never did find out who painted my door.
I met with the previous missionary, a few days later, at our headquarters in the capital.  He was being posted to the village until the church could find a new missionary.  He told me two things that cleared up the mystery of what happen in that village. 

First, he had arranged for one of his friends in the village to paint my door because he said that I am an arrogant fool.  I had to be protected from my own ignorance of human nature.  Second, he said, in isolated areas, strongly held beliefs in and strongly held desires to continue religious or cultural traditions can turn good neighbors into savage killers.  The incident in that village is the proof.  Lean human nature or you will fail every time. 

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The Only Thing Keeping Her Alive.- Joe Prays - Audio Stories - J. B. Simien #0018

If you were cured, then you would pay five dollars per day, for the previous thirty days, and five dollars for each day that you subscribed to the list.  You could end your subscription at any time.  She knew it was a scam.  However, since she wouldn’t have to pay any money (ever) what could it harm?  This is Audio Stories with J.B. Simien and this is the story of “The Joe Prays List” 

In 2015, my sister Kim was diagnosed with a cancerous brain tumor.   She did not respond well to the many rounds of treatment.  So, the tumor grew then multiplied.  Close to death, she reached of anything that could save her life.  An acquaintance suggested she join an online prayer list.  She promised miraculous results if she did.

On my sister found the vendor called “Joeprays.”  For five dollars per day, he promised that his prayer would cure disease, regenerate limbs, make the obese slim and the mentally impaired well.  He guaranteed that his prayers would cure illness and prefect the body as long as you continued to subscribe.  He allowed new subscribers to try the list for one month.   

At the end of the month, if your condition persisted, there was no charge.    If you were cured, then you would pay five dollars per day, for the previous thirty days, and five dollars for each day that you subscribed to the list. You could end your subscription at any time.  Kim knew it was a scam.  However, since she wouldn’t have to pay any money (ever) what could it harm?  So, she joined the list. 

Twenty-two days later, she was feeling much better.  Her doctors were seeing positive results from the latest round of treatment.  Her tumors were smaller and dying.  Each day she was gaining better health and mental clarity.Her disease had caused a lot of weight lost but it had also shaped her body into a curvaceous sample of female perfection.  Her face and skin were youthful.  She was fifty one years old and appeared to be thirty -five. 

At the end of the thirty days, charged her credit card $150 for the previous month.  She didn’t believe that her improving health was due to a prayer list but maybe it was. For the next year, her health improved to the point that she no longer needed medical treatment.  She was healthy and beautiful.  Her life was better than she could ever recall. 

After one year of paying “Joeprays,” she decided that it was all just superstition and it would be ok to end the payments.  Surely, it was God who had helped her.  Within weeks of that decision, her energy had dropped and her appearance was returning to the demeanor or a now fifty two year old woman.  Within two months, the brain tumor had returned. 

In desperation, Kim once again subscribed to the “Joeprays” prayer list.  Within months, her good health and physically attractiveness had returned.  However, now the subscription cost her $30 dollars per day and she had to refer five people to the list each month. 

It’s been seven years.  Each year the subscription price and the number of people she has to refer monthly increases.  Now, she has to borrow money just to stay on the list.  Like a drug addict, she is trapped.  She wants to end the subscription but she is convinced that it’s the only thing that’s keeping her alive.

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Bloody Mary - Face in the Mirror - Audio Stories - J. B. Simien #0019

I rushed to the bathroom.   I opened the door and turned on the lights.  In the mirror, I saw the face of an old woman laughing.  This is Audio Stories with J. B. Simien.  And this is the story of “A Face in the Mirror”

The first week of every month, I pick up my two friends and their kids at their apartment and take them all shopping at Costco at my expense.  I met them when I purchase some of their art works at the farmers market in Renton, Washington.  We seem to need each other. 

I’m a retired business man.  I have reached a place in my life where I have enough wealth but not much family with whom to share it.   My friends are beautiful women (in their thirty’s) and I’m now, by default, their old sugar daddy (with occasional benefits thanks to Viagra). After they loaded up their carts with a months’ worth of groceries and other needed supplies, we checked out and headed back to their place for lunch. 

Too reduce expenses, they and their three children shared a three bedroom apartment.  Recently, with my help, they moved to a newly remodeled apartment.  This gave them additional space for an art studio.  I provided the deposit and two months’ rent up front.  

Each month I continue to help with groceries and rent money.  The apartment is in a poor neighborhood.  I have offered to rent a house for them in a better location.  Strangely, they always say no.  They say that they are exactly where they need to be.  They are happy.  So, I don’t press the issue. 

Sometimes I feel dizzy when I visit their apartment.  They told me that it is because their place is haunted.  They said that they have summoned a powerful ghost to protect their household.  She (the ghost) is one of their ancestors. 

She likes sharing the apartment with them and she watches over the children like a third mother.  However, she apparently doesn’t like me visiting the apartment for immoral purposes.  The ghost is apparently very traditional.  They said it’s her disapproval that is making me dizzy.  

They know that I think that is nonsense.  The thing is, these two women believe that they are witches.  They believe that they have the magical skills to shape the world to satisfy their needs.  If that is true, I ask them, why they don’t use their magical skills to make themselves rich.   

They say they do but we are rich because we have each other.  We are all healthy and we are all happy.  Also, they claim because of the risk in using magic, they only use it as a last option.   They told me once that they used a small spell to summon me. 

Supposedly, everything that I’m doing is because I am under their spell.  I agree that they have cast a spell on me but it’s not magic.  I haven’t told them this yet but spending time with them and their kids has become the best part of my life.  

The women are talented cooks.   As usual, the lunch was delicious.  After lunch, the kids and I were in the living room playing risk.  The moms were cleaning up in the kitchen.  We were all going to the movies soon.  So, we were talking about the horror film we were going to see. 

I started telling ghost stories to get the kids worked up.  Then they told me about the weird stuff that happened to them in the apartment.  After hearing their stories, I was more scared than they were.  I was truly relieved when they decided to go play Bloody Mary in the bathroom. 

The three of them went into the hallway bathroom.  In a few minutes, I could hear them chanting “Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary.”  Then they started screaming like someone was trying to kill them.  I rushed to the bathroom.   I opened the door and turned on the lights.  In the most powerful voice I could summon, I asked “What’s going on in here?” 

In the bathroom mirror, I saw the face of an old woman.   With my heart pounding, I screamed in a quivering voice (while pointing at the mirror) “It’s Bloody Mary run!”  Now, the kids were laughing and rolling on the bathroom floor.   

I learned that the face in the mirror belonged to the ghost who protects the house.  She and the kids were playing Bloody Mary together.  I look back at the mirror, the ghost was laughing and giving me the middle finger.  The joke was on me.  Wow!   My friends are truly unique!

The author and poet Maya Angelou once said “When people tell you who they are, believe them.” 

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Haunted Books - Book of Men - Audio Stories - J.B. Simien #0020

The society evolved into a secretive cult with religious overtones.  They are believed to have used magic to change events to their advantage and to destroy their advisories. This is Audio Stories with J.B. Simien.  This is the story of the “Book of Men”

Jim Beaumont never bid on items during an auction.  In fact, he never entered the auction floor until the proceedings were completed.  His strategy was to pick up remainder items.  Items that had been won but not claimed and items that didn’t sell.  

Instead of  continuing holding these items in inventory or making payment arrangements, an auction house preferred to sell quickly at a steep discount to a third party (after the auction).  There were usually a few items that made the backstage haggling worth the effort. 

The 1848 copy of “Book of Men” by Professor Dillard Thompson was an unexpected find and well worth the expense.  The book just fell off a table and landed in Jim’s hands.  It was as if it had been tossed to him. 

Jim didn’t need to check the internet to know that finding this book in excellent condition was the equivalent of finding a mint condition Honus Wagner Baseball card.  Based upon the rarity of the book, the price was a gift.  What was wrong with it he thought?  It should have sold at auction. 

The last known copy of the book (number seven whose owner was Jefferson Davis the president of the Confederate States) was stolen in 1960 from the New York City rare books library.   Only thirteen of these books ever existed because copies were all hand written.  

Each copy was numbered and dated on the title page.  They also contained the owner’s name.  This book was copy number one (February 29 1848).  It was the very first book of the Good Fellow Society’s haunted books.  It was Professor Dillard’s copy. 

The Good Fellows Society was composed of selected Graduates of the WestPoint Military Academy prior to the Civil War.  The society started as a group to advance the careers of its members.  It’s estimated that there was never more than one hundred and one members (by design) divided into thirteen sections. 

Each section was created for a unique purpose.  Upon creation, the leader of each section was entrusted with a hand written copy of the “Book of Men” that contained information unique to that section.  The books also contained the rules and rituals of the society and its creation myth. 

As the society became entrenched in the power structure of the United States Government and its economy, it evolved into a secretive cult with religious overtones.  They are believed to have used magic and other methods to influenced world events in their favor. 

It’s said that a spell was placed upon all the “Books of Men” by the Devil himself.  Anything written in one book would magically appear in the other twelve books.  That’s why the books are called the haunted books.  Further, the books are believed to be a living mind with magical powers.

Before leaving the auction house, Jim visited the office of Frank Bell the curator of the auction.  He wanted information on how the auction house had acquired the book.  He also wanted to brag a bit about the great price that he had managed to negotiate.   Frank informed him that the auction house had not sold a copy of the “Book of Men.” 

He didn’t think any copies of that book still existed.  If they had a copy it would be worth millions.  No one would sell it as a remnant.  Jim pulled the book out of his bag to show Frank.  The book that came out of the bag was a copy of “The Boy Who Cried Wolf.”  No other book was found. 

Jim Beaumont sat in his car parked in front of the auction house reflecting.  Why had he thought that the book was the “Book of Men?”  He once again pull it out of his bag to examine it.  The book now in his hands was the “Book of Men” (1848 edition one Dillard Thompson owner).  The book “The Boy Who Cried Wolf” had disappeared. 

In his hands, the “Book of Men” opened to a page with only these words, “Welcome James Beaumont.  We have selected you.  We are coming soon.  Be ready!”

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