Haunted Books - Book of Men - Audio Stories - J.B. Simien #0020

The society evolved into a secretive cult with religious overtones.  They are believed to have used magic to change events to their advantage and to destroy their advisories. This is Audio Stories with J.B. Simien.  This is the story of the “Book of Men”

Jim Beaumont never bid on items during an auction.  In fact, he never entered the auction floor until the proceedings were completed.  His strategy was to pick up remainder items.  Items that had been won but not claimed and items that didn’t sell.  

Instead of  continuing holding these items in inventory or making payment arrangements, an auction house preferred to sell quickly at a steep discount to a third party (after the auction).  There were usually a few items that made the backstage haggling worth the effort. 

The 1848 copy of “Book of Men” by Professor Dillard Thompson was an unexpected find and well worth the expense.  The book just fell off a table and landed in Jim’s hands.  It was as if it had been tossed to him. 

Jim didn’t need to check the internet to know that finding this book in excellent condition was the equivalent of finding a mint condition Honus Wagner Baseball card.  Based upon the rarity of the book, the price was a gift.  What was wrong with it he thought?  It should have sold at auction. 

The last known copy of the book (number seven whose owner was Jefferson Davis the president of the Confederate States) was stolen in 1960 from the New York City rare books library.   Only thirteen of these books ever existed because copies were all hand written.  

Each copy was numbered and dated on the title page.  They also contained the owner’s name.  This book was copy number one (February 29 1848).  It was the very first book of the Good Fellow Society’s haunted books.  It was Professor Dillard’s copy. 

The Good Fellows Society was composed of selected Graduates of the WestPoint Military Academy prior to the Civil War.  The society started as a group to advance the careers of its members.  It’s estimated that there was never more than one hundred and one members (by design) divided into thirteen sections. 

Each section was created for a unique purpose.  Upon creation, the leader of each section was entrusted with a hand written copy of the “Book of Men” that contained information unique to that section.  The books also contained the rules and rituals of the society and its creation myth. 

As the society became entrenched in the power structure of the United States Government and its economy, it evolved into a secretive cult with religious overtones.  They are believed to have used magic and other methods to influenced world events in their favor. 

It’s said that a spell was placed upon all the “Books of Men” by the Devil himself.  Anything written in one book would magically appear in the other twelve books.  That’s why the books are called the haunted books.  Further, the books are believed to be a living mind with magical powers.

Before leaving the auction house, Jim visited the office of Frank Bell the curator of the auction.  He wanted information on how the auction house had acquired the book.  He also wanted to brag a bit about the great price that he had managed to negotiate.   Frank informed him that the auction house had not sold a copy of the “Book of Men.” 

He didn’t think any copies of that book still existed.  If they had a copy it would be worth millions.  No one would sell it as a remnant.  Jim pulled the book out of his bag to show Frank.  The book that came out of the bag was a copy of “The Boy Who Cried Wolf.”  No other book was found. 

Jim Beaumont sat in his car parked in front of the auction house reflecting.  Why had he thought that the book was the “Book of Men?”  He once again pull it out of his bag to examine it.  The book now in his hands was the “Book of Men” (1848 edition one Dillard Thompson owner).  The book “The Boy Who Cried Wolf” had disappeared. 

In his hands, the “Book of Men” opened to a page with only these words, “Welcome James Beaumont.  We have selected you.  We are coming soon.  Be ready!”

That ends the story of the “Book of Men” for now.  More episodes will follow.  I’m J. B. Simien.   I hope that you all have enjoyed this story.  If you would like to be notified when more stories are posted, please subscribe to this channel now.  

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