Bloody Mary - Face in the Mirror - Audio Stories - J. B. Simien #0019

I rushed to the bathroom.   I opened the door and turned on the lights.  In the mirror, I saw the face of an old woman laughing.  This is Audio Stories with J. B. Simien.  And this is the story of “A Face in the Mirror”

The first week of every month, I pick up my two friends and their kids at their apartment and take them all shopping at Costco at my expense.  I met them when I purchase some of their art works at the farmers market in Renton, Washington.  We seem to need each other. 

I’m a retired business man.  I have reached a place in my life where I have enough wealth but not much family with whom to share it.   My friends are beautiful women (in their thirty’s) and I’m now, by default, their old sugar daddy (with occasional benefits thanks to Viagra). After they loaded up their carts with a months’ worth of groceries and other needed supplies, we checked out and headed back to their place for lunch. 

Too reduce expenses, they and their three children shared a three bedroom apartment.  Recently, with my help, they moved to a newly remodeled apartment.  This gave them additional space for an art studio.  I provided the deposit and two months’ rent up front.  

Each month I continue to help with groceries and rent money.  The apartment is in a poor neighborhood.  I have offered to rent a house for them in a better location.  Strangely, they always say no.  They say that they are exactly where they need to be.  They are happy.  So, I don’t press the issue. 

Sometimes I feel dizzy when I visit their apartment.  They told me that it is because their place is haunted.  They said that they have summoned a powerful ghost to protect their household.  She (the ghost) is one of their ancestors. 

She likes sharing the apartment with them and she watches over the children like a third mother.  However, she apparently doesn’t like me visiting the apartment for immoral purposes.  The ghost is apparently very traditional.  They said it’s her disapproval that is making me dizzy.  

They know that I think that is nonsense.  The thing is, these two women believe that they are witches.  They believe that they have the magical skills to shape the world to satisfy their needs.  If that is true, I ask them, why they don’t use their magical skills to make themselves rich.   

They say they do but we are rich because we have each other.  We are all healthy and we are all happy.  Also, they claim because of the risk in using magic, they only use it as a last option.   They told me once that they used a small spell to summon me. 

Supposedly, everything that I’m doing is because I am under their spell.  I agree that they have cast a spell on me but it’s not magic.  I haven’t told them this yet but spending time with them and their kids has become the best part of my life.  

The women are talented cooks.   As usual, the lunch was delicious.  After lunch, the kids and I were in the living room playing risk.  The moms were cleaning up in the kitchen.  We were all going to the movies soon.  So, we were talking about the horror film we were going to see. 

I started telling ghost stories to get the kids worked up.  Then they told me about the weird stuff that happened to them in the apartment.  After hearing their stories, I was more scared than they were.  I was truly relieved when they decided to go play Bloody Mary in the bathroom. 

The three of them went into the hallway bathroom.  In a few minutes, I could hear them chanting “Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary.”  Then they started screaming like someone was trying to kill them.  I rushed to the bathroom.   I opened the door and turned on the lights.  In the most powerful voice I could summon, I asked “What’s going on in here?” 

In the bathroom mirror, I saw the face of an old woman.   With my heart pounding, I screamed in a quivering voice (while pointing at the mirror) “It’s Bloody Mary run!”  Now, the kids were laughing and rolling on the bathroom floor.   

I learned that the face in the mirror belonged to the ghost who protects the house.  She and the kids were playing Bloody Mary together.  I look back at the mirror, the ghost was laughing and giving me the middle finger.  The joke was on me.  Wow!   My friends are truly unique!

The author and poet Maya Angelou once said “When people tell you who they are, believe them.” 

That ends the story of “The Face in the Mirror.”   I hope you all have enjoyed it.  To hear more stories as they are posted, please subscribe to this channel now.  

Thank you and take care!