Forgo The Ritual And Trust In The Power - Forsaken - Audio Stories - J.B. Simien #0017

I told them that I would not paint my door with blood.  I had Jesus to protect me.  I convinced three other families in the village to forgo the ritual and trust in the power of the lord.   The village leadership was not pleased.  I didn’t care, I was going to show them the foolishness of their pagan beliefs.  This is Audio Stories with J. B. Simien and this is the story “Forsaken.”

Decades ago, I was a missionary on an assignment to a small village in the pacific islands.  The people in the village were generally Christians.  However, they practice some pagan rituals that I objected too.  Once per year, the blood of a goat would be painted across the door of the houses in the village to protect the inhabitants from a demon.  The villagers would paint the blood strip and say a prayer for protection.  If it was not done, in the morning, the inhabitants of an unprotected house would be dead.

I was warned about the ritual by the previous missionary that I had relieved.  He told me to ensure that I also painted the blood on my door.  It was something I had to do to be safe.  I lost my respect for that man.  I told him that I was disappointed in him before he departed.  I said, “A true man of God has no fear of Demons.”  This was a perfect time to teach the villagers a lesson about the powers of Jesus. 

I informed the village leaders that I would not be painting my door with blood.  I had the blood of Jesus to protect me.  I convinced three other devout families in the village to forgo the ritual and trust in the power of the lord.  The village leadership was not pleased with me.  I didn’t care.  I was determined to show them the foolishness of their pagan beliefs. The night of the ritual, I carried on as usual.  The next morning, I was, of course, still alive. 

As, I was departing my house to go to the church, I notice that someone had painted my door with blood.   I was angry.  Some superstitious person had upset my lesson in the power of Jesus.  After I calmed down, I went to visit the other three families whom had chosen to trust in the strength of the lord.  They would have to be the examples for the village. 

At all three houses, the families were dead.  They had been ripped apart by some powerful animal.  The village leaders said that I was the cause of these family’s deaths.  They said that I had painted my door (which was a lie) to save my life but I had let those people die.They turned the entire village against me.  I had to quickly leave for my own safety.  I never did find out who painted my door.
I met with the previous missionary, a few days later, at our headquarters in the capital.  He was being posted to the village until the church could find a new missionary.  He told me two things that cleared up the mystery of what happen in that village. 

First, he had arranged for one of his friends in the village to paint my door because he said that I am an arrogant fool.  I had to be protected from my own ignorance of human nature.  Second, he said, in isolated areas, strongly held beliefs in and strongly held desires to continue religious or cultural traditions can turn good neighbors into savage killers.  The incident in that village is the proof.  Lean human nature or you will fail every time. 

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